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Herbal Consultations 

Designed to meet your wellness goals with herbs and holistic care

Herbal wellness consultations serve individuals interested in incorporating herbal modalities into their wellness routine. I offer a comprehensive in-take and provide ample suggestions for the use of herbs in a safe and easy-to- follow regimen. 


I offer herbal support in the form of tinctures and tea blends from my own apothecary, while supplies are available. 


Some concerns that Grace can suggest herbal support for:​

  • Stress, Mood, and Sleep

  • Grief Work, Trauma, Anxiety 

  • Digestive Complaints

  • Moderate inflammatory conditions

  • Cardiovascular support regimens

  • Hormonal / Generative imbalances

  • Skin conditions and musculoskeletal support

  • And more!

1 hour in-take: $100 
30-45 minute follow up: $75 
* Low income and BIPOC options available. Please email me for further information. 

An Herbal Approach considers the whole person in their entirety 

During our consultation, I use an in-depth  approach where we incorporate herbs in a way that is realistic for you and your current needs. Whether that be tending to a specific ailment or achieving overall vitality. 

I draw inferences from your health history, current imbalances, deficiencies, and energetic presentations during our session. I look forward to working with you! 

Herbal Wellness Consultations
All sessions take place ONLINE via Zoom  
FAQ (frequently asked questions) 

Q: How do we have a session if I don't have access to a computer?
A: We will have our session via phone call to accommodate your needs. Just let me know and it will be arranged before our session. 

Q:  Do sessions come with herbal products?
A: Herbal products that I prepare come with an additional fee typically between $15-$20 per item. 

Q: Do I have to take notes during our session to remember all the suggestions? 
A: No! All sessions include an extensive protocol document with links to suggested products and ways of preparing
herbs for use at home.

Q: Do I have to relay information to my Doctor before I start an herbal protocol. 
A: Yes. It is suggested and recommended that ALL new herbal/holistic protocol be relayed and approved by your doctor before beginning it. Information regarding this topic is laid out in the Informed Consent Document. 


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