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New England based herbal education and herbal consultations

Trilogy Herbalism

Small Batch Herbalism

Grace creates a number of carefully crafted small batch, ethically resourced wellness products. These range from topical body care to ingestible remedies for supporting a wide variety of body systems. 

The trilogy of medicinal plants, people, and wellness is what comprises the core of herbal practice. 

Trilogy Herbalism seeks to weave the power of personal agency, health justice, and medicinal plants together into cohesion. These three links bring forth an awareness not only of how you can better take care of yourself, but also of the natural world, its forces, and the medicine it provides. Through herbalism, we establish resilience and an awareness of interconnectedness between all aspects of the self.

Founded By Grace Krupkowski, Herbalist and Educator

Grace's innate and learned knowledge fosters a connection across many herbal traditions. In 2015 she began an exploration into the world of herbalism and plant connection which has since blossomed into a lifelong passion. Since 2020, Grace has served as an educator teaching courses in person and online while managing an herbal product line. Grace also offers one on one herbal wellness consultations that encompass the whole individual, their ailments, and goals for healing and balancing the body. Click here to learn more.


Most popular are Grace's courses in plant identification, foraging, and wildcrafting. Many people gravitate towards Grace's unique perspective and personable, enthusiastic demeanor when it comes to connecting with and learning about medicinal wild plants. She has studied with Kenzie Khaliq of Wild Faith Wellness, the Boston School of Herbal Studies, California School of Herbal Studies, and is a graduate of the Family and Community Herbalist program at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.

Grace is currently enrolled in the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism Family and Clinical Herbalist Training Program. Grace plans to complete the three year program where she will obtain her clinical herbalist certificate. From there, Grace plans to regularly see clients while she continues to teach classes, perfect her herbal product line, and become a valued member of the world wide herbal community. 
Herbal Consultant


 2023 Family and Community Herbalist Training 
Vermont Center for Integrative Herb
alism, Plainfield, VT
Areas of Study
Botany/ Medicinal Landscapes
Energetic Systems
(Elemental Theo
ry, Humoural Theory,
Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, 
Tissue States, Vitalism) 

Food As Medicine
Herbal Skills Practicum 
Herbal Therapeutics 1
Holistic Physiology
Justice in Herbalism 
Materia Medica 1

2020 Second Level Apprenticeship
 Boston School of Herbal Studies, Arlington, M
Areas of Study
Liver & Glyphosates

Covid and Virology
Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System taught by Tammi Sweet
Vagus Nerve, Gut, and Microbiome 

Herbal Diagnostics: Intro to the language of the body through facial, tongue, and sclera diagnostics
Advanced Materia Medica 

Digestive System and Stress 

Fall Intensive Course 
California School of Herbal Studies, Forestville, CA 

Areas of Study
Physiological functions of the immunity and affected body systems 
Herbal actions and constituents
Intermediate Medicine Making 
Plant iden
tification and horticultural practices for growing medicinal herbs
Hydrosol and Essential Oil Distillation 

2018 Apprentice for Clinical Herbalist Kenzie Kahliq
Wild Faith Wellness, South Burlington, VT

Areas of Study
Introduction to Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Bioregional Herbalism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Materia Medica 
Herbal Actions and Constituents 
Herbal Energetics
Anatomy and Physiology 
Herbal Entrepreneurship 
Growing, harvesting, and processing medicinal plants

2015 Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology 
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism

Grace with her mentors Larken Bunce and Kristin Henningsen, faculty at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism 

Teaching Experience 

American Outdoor School Instructor of Plant Identification, Foraging, Wildcrafting, and Herbalism Courses - Saugus, MA

Cambridge Naturals Instructor of Beginner's Herbalism Online Course - Cambridge, MA 

Cambridge Center for Adult Education Urban Plant Identification Course- Cambridge, MA 

Moose Ridge Gathering
Instructor of Herbalism Courses - Upton, ME

New Hampshire Herbal Network 
Herb & Garden Day Presenter 22' and 23' 
Herbal Harvest Thyme Presenter '22

Trilogy Herbalism "Herbal Through the Seasons- Intro to Herbalism Foundations and Medicine Making"- Northwood, Nh

Trilogy Herbalism "Herbalism Through the Seasons- Building Resilience: A Winter Course"- Northwood, NH

Trilogy Herbalism "Wild Herbs in the Field" - plant ID, foraging and wildcrafting course -Plaistow, NH 

Trilogy Herbalism "Wild Medicine and Foraging Series" - Plaistow and Bedford, NH

Trilogy Herbalism "Wildcrafting and Plant ID Series" - Northwood, NH 

Roots Rendezvous 
Instructor of Herbalism Courses - Corinth, VT

Trilogy Herbalism "Medicine Making Intensive" - Northwood, NH 

Monadnock Food Coop "Fire Cider Workshop" - Keene, NH

Trilogy Herbalism "Mushroom Preparations Course" - Harvard, MA

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