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Monthly Materia Medica

Online Learning 

Monthly Materia Medica 

Plant ID • Foraging • Medicinal Plant Aspects and Preparations 

Cost: $15/Month 

To register, please email me! 
Please write your name and subscription type (1, 3, or 6 month). You will be billed after registration email is sent.

Monthly Materia Medica is a subscription-based online platform that takes place on discord. This is a great opportunity to tune into one commonly found herb at a time, at your own pace, each month of the year.

Each month, one wild herb will be chosen and discussed in detail in the format of a Materia Medica or Plant Monograph format. This format has been the modality of understanding medicinal plants for centuries. Having a compiled Materia Medica to begin your journey into solidifying deep knowledge of herbs found in wild spaces leads to a sense of sufficiency in accurately utilizing these plant for supporting wellness.

This course if for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of medicinal plants by learning how to accurately identify and forage them, their botanical nomenclature, their actions, constituents, energetic patterns, therapeutic applications, specific indications, scientific research, folklore attributions, appropriate dosage, and safety contraindications.

Students Can Expect To:
  • Learn the deep nuances of each monthly medicinal plant in the form of a Materia Medica performed by Grace

  • Receive a template for forming their own Materia Medica

  • Get visual representations of the plant in the form of photos and videos performed by Grace

  • Medicine making tool lists for at home remedy exploration

  • Video How-Tos for making medicine at home

  • In-depth foraging guidelines

  • Post experiences/questions/thoughts about the plants on the community forum throughout the month

  • Connect LIVE TWICE/MONTH for in person community connection; Materia Medica and Community Chat will be live AND recorded

Check out the plants we'll be studying! 

This subscription grants access to:
• TWO live community classes the FIRST and LAST Thursday of the month
• 1.5 hour in-depth Materia Medica (plant monograph)
• Second community class held at the end of the month alots time to share personal experiences with the herb
• Exclusive recorded videos on how to ID plants and make medicine at home (at least 2 per month- one ID/foraging video, one medicine making video)

• A Materia Medica template for beginning your independent study

• Live community classes will be recorded for those who cannot make them

• Subscription types: 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month subscriptions available for each person. Cost is $15/month*

• Refunds: There are no refunds for this course.

*About the Online Format: Students will recieve an invitation to the online discord AFTER the deadline to sign up. This will be the "Registration Follow-Up Email"

*Registration Follow-Up Email: Expect this email at least 48 hours BEFORE the beginning of the month. Contains invitation to online discord and information regarding logisitcs for the month.

This social media platform is PRIVATE with all information kept between subscription members and I (Grace Krupkowski). Members are not required to put themselves on video. All you have to do is accept the invitation to recieve benefits from the Monthly Materia Medica!

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