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Mushroom Preparations
Meets for TWO dates at Old Frog Farm in Harvard, MA
Sunday, March 10th and April 14th

1-3 PM | Cost: $80 

Discover the wonderful world of mushrooms! Incorporating medicinal mushrooms into your daily routine can have profound impacts on your sense of wellbeing. From the immune supporting mechanisms to the grounding and belonging energy they emit, anyone can benefit! 

This course will demonstrate how to formulate mushrooms into remedies that support wellness. During the lecture piece we will explore a few potent medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Birch Polypore, Turkey Tail, and Chaga. Following our discussion of each medicinal mushroom, you will learn how to incorporate these mushrooms into your wellness routine in the form of medicinal broths, decoctions, and double extractions. 

During each session we will be performing an extraction. After session 2 you will be able to take home the final product! 

Participants can expect to:

  • Gain deep insight into the chemical/ energetic properties of a few common medicinal mushrooms 

  • Learn to differentiate which medicinal mushrooms are best for your constitution 

  • Discover the adaptogenic qualities of these mushrooms and how they can benefit a multitude of body systems 

  • Acquire an understanding of complementary and supportive herbs to use in combination with mushrooms 

  • Learn how to accurately perform maceration and decoction methods 

  • Take home your own Reishi mushroom extraction 

*This is not a wild mushroom identification/foraging course. We will talk about the general characteristics of each mushroom. Grace does not suggest foraging/harvesting mushrooms without prior experience. 

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