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Medicine Making Intensive

Come learn in community! Students will discover a wide spectrum of modalities for transforming plants into effective remedies for wellness.

Learn how to fully support the body and imbue your life with the beauty and bounty of herbalism. Students will experience a deep dive into the nuances of creating effective remedies that can be replicated in their own home kitchen.

In these times it has become vital for us to preserve herbal knowledge. Many of us want to learn how to create beneficial, natural remedies that we can support ourselves with as well as our families and local communities. During this course students will learn in person with like-minded folks, gathering knowledge and experiences from one another while exploring topics surrounding many beginner to intermediate concepts around herbal remedy making. We will explore a total of FIVE topics during these three hour sessions that meet throughout the fall.


This course is fully hands-on. All materials will be provided. Students will make at least TWO remedies per class totaling TEN products of their own making by the end of the series.

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Upcoming Courses: Coming Soon! 

Past Intensives

Session One: Herbal Syrups, Cordials, Elixirs 

Session Two: Herbal Tea and Infusion Formulation 

Session Three: Herbal Topical Care | Replicating Effective and Nourishing Salves for the Skin

Session Four: Herbal Topical Care | Topicals for Musculoskeletal Support

Session Five: Working with Fresh Plant vs. Dried | Tinctures and Teas

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